A World In Motion

Joining Together with Area Schools to Promote Math and Science

In an effort to encourage and stimulate interest in math, science and technology in grade school children, A World in Motion (AWIM) was developed by educators and the Society of Automotive Engineers. AWIM is an excellent opportunity for Caterpillar Engineers to directly impact middle school students' (grades 4-6) views on math, science and technology by aiding with hands-on discovery of science principals in a fun-to-learn manner. A volunteer's involvement can include giving a presentation about their career, joining in as a consultant or consumer during the design and building phases, or leading the entire design program. Volunteers server in the classroom as a resource for the students and teachers, as well as a positive role model and demonstrate the correlation between the classroom and workplace. Several Caterpillar employees already assist with AWIM at some area schools, however, more volunteers are needed for the current school year.

If you are interested in participating in this rewarding program, please click here.

Formore information visit the SAE Foundation Website or the AWIM website.