Baja Event

Facility Information & Policies

Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center

The following policies and guidelines are to be followed by all visitors (participants, staff, volunteers, spectators, etc) while on site for the Baja SAE Illinois 2014 event:

  • Facility hours are 7am-9pm
  • No smoking
    • The Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center property (including all outdoor areas) is a non-smoking facility.
    • Baja SAE events are non-smoking events.
  • No one under the age of 12 is allowed on site
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the pit/paddock area
  • No pets permitted on site (Service animals are exempt)
  • Closed-toe shoes made of substantial construction with puncture-resistant soles are required for everyone on site. Shoes should be made of strong material and must cover the entire foot (no sandals, high heels, ballet flat, etc).
  • Exposure to the sun and heat requires protection - a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of drinking water are recommended for summer months. Dress appropriately for daily temperature.
  • No unescorted tours permitted - visitors must stay within the designated spectator areas and walkways.
  • Cameras and video cameras are allowed for this event only.
  • Cooking/grilling anywhere on the facility is not allowed. Outside food is not permitted on site (Caterpillar has a food service contract with Eurest Dining Services). Lunch will either be provided or be made available for purchase on event days, and concession stands will be open to purchase additional food and beverage items outside of lunch hours.
  • Proper personal protective equipment is required for all welding and grinding activites (welding helmet/ safety glasses, long sleeves, long pants, gloves, etc).
  • Refueling activities should always be performed in a safe manner. When refueling please follow the guidelines below:
    • Always refuel with the engine turned off
    • The driver must exit the vehicle before refueling
    • An appropriate fire extinguisher must be available while refueling
    • Never refuel a vehicle if there is an open flame, grinding, or welding activities nearby
    • Refueling is only allowed in the designated area during the endurance race
  • Speed Limits:
    • Smith Road (approach road): 30 mph maximum
    • On Site: 25 mph maximum

Food & Beverage Information

  • Lunch will be provided on all three event days to all teams/participants, volunteers, and event planning staff.
  • Each registered participant will be provided with a total of three lunch tickets to be used for the sponsored buffet lunches (one ticket for each of three event days).
    • Lunch tickets will only be valid for the date printed on them and during lunch hours
    • Participants will need to pick up lunch tickets during early registration on Wednesday evening or on-site registration on Thursday.
  • Each volunteer, organizing/event staff member, and on-site sponsor will be provided with a total of three lunch tickets to be used for the sponsored buffet lunches (one ticket for each of three days). These will be available for pick-up during daily check-in.
  • A concession stand will be available throughout the event days for food and beverage purchase.
    • Lunch tickets also may be purchased from the concession stand for use during the sponsored buffet lunches.
    • Lunch tickets cost TBA.
    • The concession stand will only accept cash (no credit cards or checks).
  • Water will be provided throughout the event at no charge.
  • Gatorade/Powerade will be provided in the pit area for participants for all three days of the event at no charge.
  • Outside food is not permitted on site. Caterpillar has contractual agreements with Eurest Dining Services. We ask for your understanding and respect; lunch and beverages are being provided along with concession services.
  • Cooking/grilling on the facility premises is not allowed for safety reasons.

Directions from student hotels to the competition site

  • Merge onto I-74 Westbound from either War Memorial Drive or Sheridan.
  • Follow I-74 to Exit 82 (Kickapoo/Edwards).
  • Turn left at the top of the ramp.
  • Follow the Kickapoo/Edwards Road to the second right (N. Smith Rd.)
  • Follow N. Smith Rd. to the Caterpillar Edwards Demonstration Facility.

Google Map
Aerial view of competition site