Baja Event

Volunteer for Baja SAE Illinois

We are looking for volunteers to help staff the 2014 Baja SAE Illinois event. This is a great opportunity to support engineering education in an exciting and challenging environment!

  • No prior experience with Baja is necessary
  • Variety of activities to help with, such as the endurance race, dynamic events, general event organization, and more
  • Breakfast and lunch provided to all volunteers

Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • General Organization - Volunteers will help with the general needs of the event, including hosting, food and water distribution, and event equipment and material distribution. Other tasks include directing parking, assisting with medical/safety issues, and setting up and cleaning up on event days. If you have limited or no prior experience with Baja SAE, this is a great way to get involved!
  • Design Judging - Volunteers will evaluate vehicles in several areas such as innovation, suspension, operator comfort, structure, and serviceability. Judges will interact with students, who will answer questions about the vehicle's design.
  • Sales Presentation Judging - The objective of the sales presentation is for the student teams to convince a hypothetical manufacturing firm to produce their design. Volunteers will judge several of these presentations on several grading criteria including content, organization, visual aids, and delivery. Judges will interact with teams by asking them questions about their marketing plan.
  • Dynamic Event Worker - Volunteers will help with the four dynamic events of the competition. Examples of tasks are timing acceleration runs, maintaining the maneuverability course, recording results from the hill climb, and assisting with the rock/log crawl.
  • Endurance Race Worker - The endurance race is the highlight of any Baja event. Volunteers may help with staging cars, assisting cars on and off the course, monitoring the course for traffic flow and safety hazards, and keeping track of number of laps and lap times.
  • Flagging - Endurance event flaggers will monitor the event course for congestion and other safety concerns in addition to ensuring vehicles and drivers are following all of the rules and guidelines.